Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is one of the world´s oldest medical treatments. It was originally performed only by the Buddhist monks in Thai temples. It uses elements of passive yoga and stretching. It combines pressing the body energy points and stretching exercises to relax the tensed muscles and stiffed body joints. During the massage, the clients are dressed in comfortable dress and the therapy provider uses own hands, elbows, knees and feet to renew the body harmony state. Thai massage helps to eliminate the stress, support the blood circulation, enhances the vital energy and improves the movements range. No oils are used when performing this kind of massage.
Come and enjoy one of the best Thai massages provided in Piešťany.

What you can expect:
* You will be dressed in loose clothing
* You will be lying on a comfortable bed
* The therapy provider will, using own hands, elbows, knees,
feet and own body mass, perform your body full massage.